About Us

LesGo is a travel and medical Tourism services assistance provider in India. India happens to very popular destination for Medical Surgery ,Medical services as well as for Tourism.

Why is India Popular destination?


India happened to be known since more than 2000 years to the world as country of prosperity,wealth,and spices.

The Greek Ambassador Megasthenes to the Chandra Gupta Maurya described India in his book Indika.(which is lost). He was sent by the Selecus , Greek general of Alexander (in Arabic,known as Iskander)of Macedonia, Greece.

Competitive Prices.

About The Founders.

LesGo is started by three entrepreneurs who are from the Tourism and IT Industry respectively.

The CEO who has more than 10+ yrs experience in the Hotel and Tourism Industry . He has worked in various international Hotel Chain(in India) ,thus giving exposure to people from various background: Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Middle east ,Europe, USA. Being a sportsman(played cricket) and having a pleasing personality with ability to take quick and suitable decisions ,depending on the situation makes him ideal person for the position of CEO.


A young and energetic man also from the Tourism industry( in India) in repute International Hotel chains . Having experience from the finest Hotels. His knowledge about different food ,places ,people and exposure to a diverse people adds a value .

The Third Co Founder is a person from the IT industry and based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He grew up in Jeddah ,Saudi Arabia ,and studied in an international school. Thus giving an exposure to diverse people from the World. This also provided an opportunity to learn Arabic as well as know the people of Saudi Arabia.

Having lived in United States for a brief period (for study) has given a different perspective of things. Currently living in Dhaka ,Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is home to a country having a growing economy or one of the fastest in the World .He is responsible for digital strategy and marketing . Presenting LesGo to the world.

Our Vision

The Vision of LesGo is to be known as a trustable agency for providing quality Travel and Medical Assistance services of India.

Our Values:

  • Trust
  • Safety
  • Homely