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The Great Seljuks ,Imam Ghazali and India

The Ghaznavids were originally Turkish but Persian in culture. They were defeated by the Seljuks and then they came to India and ruled for some time. Iltumish ruled India from 1211-1236 and he was a third from the Slave dynasty. He was from the Ilbari tribe of the turks. His daughter Razia Sultana ruled after […]

Cochin -Queen of Arabian Sea’

Kochi is a place in Kerala. It is like never heard of this place. Not much in Google. Well actually name was Cochin and with Policies of Indian Government; names of places changed. The first was Bombay, it became Mumbai. Then Calcutta became Kolkata. Well Bengalis were calling it Kolkata anyway. Cochin was known to […]

Kolkata New Market

New market or Sir Hogg’s Market. It is a market I went to as kid in Kolkata. People talked it as you find every thing: Toys, Sarees ,Salwar Kameez…. To me as kid in the 1980;s visiting India from Jeddah Saudi Arabia was : I love it ,even though this place is primitive ,but lots […]


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