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The Great Seljuks ,Imam Ghazali and India

The Great Seljuks ,Imam Ghazali and India

The Great Seljuks. In history you might have heard about Imam Ghazali or Al gazel,one of the greatest philosophers of the Muslim world as well as whole world. History is an important part of life. The Seljuks were from Turkey ,and it was established by Tughril Beg and his brother Chagril Beg. One wonders where the name Seljuk comes . Seljuk was grandfather of Tughril Beg who reared the brothers to youth. Since Tugril Beg did not have any children ,ultimately son of Chagril Beg ,Alp Arslan becomes Sultan of the Seljuk Empire. The Seljuks are from the Kinik tribe ,from Oghuz Khan's sons. Later after them came Ertugrul Gazi who was from they Kayi tribe. The Kayi tribe was one of the tribes from Oghuz Khan . Osman ,son of Ertugrul Gazi goes on to establish the Osmani Empire. It was called Ottoman by the Greeks. More interesting is ,I found out :

  • Omar Khayam
  • Imam Ghazali
  • Hassan Sabbah
  • Nizam ul Mulk(one of the best in Muslim world)
  • Melik Shah
  • Ahmed Sencer

all lived in same area and knew each other. I did not know all these personalities were living in the same area. The Turks ,originating from Japeth(Yafit in Muslim texts) ,who is one of the three sons of Prophet Nuh(AS). Interestingly Nuh or Noah is well known because of the Flood  around the whole world. This is by itself another topic which is vast. Hassan Sabbah was the founder of the assassins' who were eventually destroyed by Genghis Khan.  He headed the Batinis who caused much trouble to the Seljuks. What is more interesting: Omar Khayyam, Hassan Sabah and Nizam al Mulk  were friends who had made an agreement that if anyone of them found favour with the Sultan ,he would try to find a place in the court for the Other two. Nizam ul Mulk known as Abu Hasan ibn Tusi found favor with the Sultan . Thus got his friends a place in court of the Sultan . All three friends wrote books. Books by: Nizam ul Mulk: - Siysatnama (Book of Government)   Omar Khayyam:

  • The Rubiyat of Omar Khayyam
  • Divan of Omar Khayyam
  • Writings of the Sufi

  The Books by Imam Ghazali :

  • The Alchemy of Happiness
  • The Book of Knowledge
  • Mukhtasar



“ The real friend is the one who, when you ask him to follow you, doesn't ask where?” 

- Imam Ghazali

The Ghaznavids were originally Turkish but Persian in culture. They were defeated by the Seljuks and then they came to India and ruled for some time.

Iltumish ruled India from 1211-1236 and he was a third from the Slave dynasty. He was from the Ilbari tribe of the turks.

His daughter Razia Sultana ruled after him. It was very uncommon among Muslim rulers ;women ruling.

But this actually common to the Turkish people.

Here is a scene of Zubeyda Hatun checking rebillion of army general in absence of Melik Shah:



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